The Sculpt Collective is for you.

We see the strength inside you. Our mission is to help you own it. To channel your focus and fuel your fire. The ripple effects of these workouts — honest hard work, and real growth — translate to better everyday life. 

Badass, confident, you.

Community is at our core — together, we’ll suffer a little, sweat a lot, and elevate one another.

We can’t wait to share our Bozeman studio with you soon. In the meantime — join us today from your own home with Sculpt Digital and sign up to stay in the loop with the latest info and upcoming Bozeman pop-up workouts!

Meet Kelsey & Rachel

The team behind Sculpt

Rachel Granger and Kelsey Slye created Sculpt with a vision: bringing a killer workout to their community, and changing people’s lives through movement and connection. They co-founded Sculpt’s Bozeman studio space (coming fall 2020) and digital platform to help people discover a fresh way to experience fitness.

“Both of us felt dead-ended in our fitness journeys, until discovering the joy and challenge of barre classes. We met in 2011 — Rachel was Kelsey’s  barre instructor — and immediately became each other’s biggest fans. Life took us in different directions for a few years, but Rachel eventually opened her own studio, and when Kelsey heard, she slid into her DMs, eager to join the team. We’d say the rest is history, but really, it’s the dream we’re living today!

There’s nothing we love more than helping our clients discover just how strong they really are — the physical and emotional transformations which come from these workouts inspire us. We love our amazing team of instructors, our badass community of clients, and the creative celebration of movement which makes Sculpt unique. But on a Friday afternoon, there’s nothing we love more than a good double-cheese cheeseburger and spicy margarita. So, let’s sweat with Sculpt — and then on to happy hour!”